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Questions and answers for current and previous employees

For 澳门威尼斯人官方网址 in the Americas and legacy URS i.e. in the Americas (primarily DCS Americas)

请通过Equifax的工作编号服务使用我们的雇佣和工资验证程序. This secure service can be used for mortgage/loan applications, reference checks, 出租公寓或其他需要提供工资或就业证明的情况. This service also supports social services verifications. The Work Number provides several options for verifying information:

- Please visit and select “I’m a Verifier”

- Provide the following:

  1. Employer Name or Code: 澳门威尼斯人官方网址
  2. Employer Code: 13691
  3. Employee’s Social Security Number


For United Kingdom and Ireland

根据员工是在澳门威尼斯人官方网址工作还是在URS工作,我们有两个独立的雇佣/工资审核程序, which was acquired by 澳门威尼斯人官方网址.

-对于在英国和爱尔兰的老员工,请将您的要求发送到: or call +44 (0)1256 310655.

-对于澳门威尼斯人官方网址英国和爱尔兰的所有其他员工,请将您的要求发送到: or call +44 (0)1727 535656.


For the Middle East Region:

澳门威尼斯人官方网址中东地区(阿富汗和喀布尔除外)员工的就业/工资审核, 请将您的请求发送到我们的中东人力资源共享服务实体



For Afghanistan:

为在阿富汗的澳门威尼斯人官方网址员工提供就业/工资验证, please send your request to our Dubai HR support office at


如果您是澳门威尼斯人官方网址国际发展业务或其传统公司的前雇员, please contact DT Global at

如果您是澳门威尼斯人官方网址管理服务业务或其遗留公司的前雇员, please contact Amentum at

I was an URS employee. How can I get previous employment verification?

弗林特能源服务公司(Flint Energy Services)或URS OG (Oil and Gas)在美国的雇员的就业/工资核实可以通过以下工作编号完成

For company codes, please use the table below

Branch code contact
Flint Energy Services or URS Oil and Gas 15434  
FS, now under Management Services, and includes APPTIS employees 14285 or
URS EC/EIC Oracle based employees 12306 1-


请联系澳门威尼斯人官方网址福利服务中心(美国以外:+ 1).

Please reach out to our 401(k) administrator, Merrill Lynch, at . If they are unable to assist, please send your request to:

Please send your request to the Payroll Help Desk at 澳门威尼斯人官方网址

General questions and answers

If you are interested in applying for a job with 澳门威尼斯人官方网址, please do so via Careers section on our website:

- For entry-level positions, internships and graduate positions, please read the geography specific information at our Students & Graduates site: 在这里,你可以了解可用的机会以及提交申请. 毕业生亦可于以下地点搜寻职位空缺及递交一般申请:

- If you are a career professional and experienced job seeker, 你可以创建一个适合你的地理位置和经验的工作搜索代理,并在以下地点申请:



我们注意到,许多个人和组织向澳门威尼斯人官方网址提供虚假的就业机会. Such scams are fraudulent and intended to steal from the victims. 我们正极其认真地对待这一问题,目前正与有关法律当局合作,以制止这种欺诈计划.

如果您被怀疑不是澳门威尼斯人官方网址代表的人联系, please email: or call 1- (within the U.S. and Canada) or 1- (outside the U.S. and Canada).

有关欺诈和保护您的个人信息的更多信息, please visit the following pages on our website:

If you have already applied, please read our FAQ document (,以解答有关申请程序的常见问题. Due to the high volume of requests, 我们很遗憾,我们无法就每个候选人的申请状况分别作出答复. If the position is still posted on our website, we are working on the requisition; otherwise, the position has been closed.

请访问我们网站的办公室部分,搜索我们在您附近的位置,以连接到澳门威尼斯人官方网址办公室. 联系信息将与您的网上搜索结果一起提供, 你可以直接联系当地办事处提出你的要求. I am sure they would be glad to hear from you.

Please send your request to our Corporate Responsibility team at 

Please report this incident to the Ethics Hotline at:, which is staffed by a third-party company, 有能说150多种语言的专家,他们可以帮助记录和转达您的担忧. You will have the option to remain anonymous if you wish.

Please email 根据区域和业务线,合适的沟通联系人会主动联系你.

澳门威尼斯人官方网址 manages its supplier/vendor relations at a local level, thus if you do not have a contact already with our company, 最好是澳门威尼斯人官方网址在你附近的办公室,并与那个办公室建立关系. 请访问我们的网站和办公室部分,在那里您可以找到您最近的区域办事处联系.

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澳门威尼斯人官方网址根据1964年《澳门威尼斯人官方网址》第六章,确保所有项目和活动不受歧视.In addition, 根据1964年《澳门威尼斯人官方网址》第七章,澳门威尼斯人官方网址确保就业不受歧视.